Executive Committee, elected by acclamation

The newly eected Executive Committee (left to right) Harvey Webb, Reto Bazzi, Claude Bergeret, Ebby Schöler and Richard Scruton (Photo: Leon Libin)

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Elected by acclamation, a new look Executive Committee concluded proceedings at the Annual General Meeting of the Swaythling Club staged on Thursday 25th April on the occasion of the Liebherr 2019 World Championships in Budapest.

A most well attended gathering, the room in the Hungexpo stadium being full to capacity with some 50 members being present; later being all were able to exchange memories at a most welcome reception.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Most notably Ebby Schöler returned to the role of President, a position he had held prior to the Annual General Meeting last year in Halmstad when he has stood down in favour of Öivind Eriksen and assumed the role of Deputy President.

Reto Bazzi continues in the role of Rules Expert, the remaining members of the Executive Committee being new to office.

Öivind Eriksen opened proceedings (Photo: Richard Kalocsai)

After years of loyal and most appreciated service, alongside Öivind Eriksen, Gloria Wagener tendered her resignation as Secretary as did Werner Schnyder in the role of Treasurer. Harvey Webb assumes the role of Deputy President, Claude Bergeret fulfils the role of Secretary, Richard Scruton shoulders the task of Treasurer.

However, Gloria Wagener is not lost to the Swaythling Club structure, becomes the Special Advisor to the Membership Committee, being the contact for the database.

Werner Schnyder stepped down from the role of Treasurer (Photo: Richard Kalocsai)

Notably, Membership is one of only two sub-committees retained in major overall; the other being the World Veteran Championships. Chair of the World Veteran Championships is Hans Westling, Reto Bazzi is the Director with members being Ina Jozepsone alongside a representative to be nominated by the International Table Tennis Federation.

Meanwhile, Milan Orlowski is the Chair of the Membership Committee, the position of Director is vacant, the members being Jaroslav Stanek, Jonny Ternlind, Aloar Azevedo and Yao Zhenxu.

Gloria Wagener assumes the role of Special Advisor to the Membership Committee (Photo: Richard Kalocsai)