Fair Play award for Ben Gould

A proud moment for Ben Gould (Photo: Rémy Gros)

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Upholding the best interests of sport, an act of fair play; an award is made each year by the Swaythling Club International at the ITTF World Junior Championships to a player who has exemplified those qualities and set an example to all.In the Italian resort of Riva del Garda, at the most recent edition of the now well-established tournament; on Sunday 3rd December, the award was presented to Australia’s Ben Gould.

At the commencement of the tournament the referee meets with all umpires and requests them to advise of any act which in their opinion promotes the very best values of sport.

Following proposals received, a selection panel comprising the ITTF Junior Commissioner, the ITTF Deputy Chief Executive Officer and the ITTF Education and Training Director met to determine the winner.

Respect, integrity and good behaviour, going beyond the written rule to demonstrate fair play and sportsmanship are the basic principles.

“During the team match against Tunisia the match was tied at two-all. Benjamin was leading 10-8 in the first game. He made a strong topspin, the Tunisian appeared to block the ball off the end of the table. The umpire awarded the game to Benjamin; the Tunisian player started walking to his coach; immediately Benjamin called him back advising the ball had hit the edge. Finally, he won both the match and this award in the spirit of fair play.” the Citation

Ben Gould receives a scholarship valued at US$ 1,500 which is to be used next year to attend ITTF tournaments, training camps or a visit an ITTF International Training Centre.

The award was presented by Mrs. Heike Ahlert ITTF Junior Commissioner.

Ben Gould in action at the 2017 ITTF World Junior Championships (Photo: Rémy Gros)