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The Club

The main principles of the Club are friendship and mutual respect for one another ...more


It was agreed from the start, that membership should be “by invitation” and be open…more


In the course of a meeting held in Basel in 1966 Zarko Dolinar, Hugo Urchetti and G. Wassmer…more

Honorary Positions

In acknowledgement of oustanding service…more

Victor Barna, President in Memoriam

The history of the Swaythling Club International would not be complete…more

The Executive Committee

Elected at the 2019 Annual General Meeting in Budapest….more

Membership Committee

Endorsed at the 2019 Annual General Meeting in Budapest…more

World Veteran Championships

The first Championships were held in Gothenburg…more

Invitations to Major Events

The SCI endeavours to obtain invitations through the courtesy of the organisers…more

Local Swaythling Clubs

Countries which have players and team captains, who have represented their country…more

The Song

“Our Club is unique in the history of sport. Friendship and respect is our…more

Promotional Items

Swaythling Club tie and other items: specially designed ties often feature…more


The awards made support the principles of the Swaythling Club…more