Niels Ramberg Passes the 100 mark and still going strong

Niels Ramberg at the 2023 European Veteran Championships (Photo: Brage Titlestad)

Niels Ramberg at the 2023 European Veteran Championships (Photo: Brage Titlestad) At the World Veteran Championships, he owns 12 medals of which four are gold, at the European medals 18 in total, also four being gold. It is a quite incredible record, now could Niels Ramberg be set to be the all time great in any sport? On Sunday 14th April at the Danish National Championships, in the over 75 years category he won the men’s singles, the men’s doubles partnering Erling Nielsen and the mixed alongside Else Marie Vedel. Since winning the cadet boys’ singles title in 1960, he has now collected 101 national titles! Is this a record in any sport, a place in the Guinness Book of Records? Bordtennis Denmark, the ITTF member

Celebrate World Table Tennis Day

Tuesday 23rd April 2024 is World Table Tennis; pick up a racket and take part! It is the day we celebrate the reason why we all started to play, quite simply it was good fun, for many it remained good fun, for others it became a vocation. What do you have to do? Create a table tennis session, match, tournament, festival or any other creative platform to enjoy the sport with or without regular table tennis equipment. Use desks instead of table tennis tables, phones instead of rackets and be as creative as you like! Invite people of different age groups, gender identities, abilities, nationalities, backgrounds, contexts etc. to play together while celebrating the idea of diversity! World Table Tennis Day - Registration

Swaythling Club Awards Presented in Busan

Claude Bergeret alongside Fan Zhendong Proceedings concluding at the ITTF World Team Championships in Busan on Sunday 25th February, Claude Bergeret, President of the Swaythling Club International, presented the Victor Barna Trophy to Fan Zhendong, the Diane Schöler award to Sun Yingsha. The Victor Barna Best Player Memorial Award Donated by Suzy Barna in 1973, the memorial trophy was initiated to perpetuate the name of Victor Barna with the activities of the Swaythling Club International. At the time of his unexpected death in Peru in 1972, Victor Barna was the Founder President of the Club. The trophy is awarded to leading player at the World Team Championships. The Diane Schöler Memorial Award In memory of Diane Schöler, former President of the Swaythling Club International, the award

Swaythling Club Reception in Busan

All smiles from Claude Bergeret and members of the Korean Table Tennis Association. Zdenko Kriz, member of the Swaythling Club Executive Committee, had camera in hand to record a most convivial meeting.

Alan Hydes Reflects

Following the historic visit to China in 1972, always known as Ping Pong Diplomacy, Alan Hydes received an award from Prince Charles, now King Charles III

Björne Mellström (1933-2024)

Photo: Christian Heyerdahl A most valued and respected member of the Swaythling Club International, it is with great sadness the passing of Björne Mellström is announced. Born on Friday 10th March 1933, Björne Mellström passed away on Sunday 4th February, just a few days short of his 91st birthday. He won 16 gold medals at the Swedish Championships – five men’s team, five men’s singles, two men’s doubles and four mixed doubles. The leading Swedish player of the 1950s was Tage Flisberg, men’s singles runner up at the 1954 World Championships. In the men’s singles at the 1956 Swedish National Championships, Björne Mellström beat Flisberg in the semi-finals before repeating the feat in the 1957 and 1958 finals. Notably, Björne Mellström competed in six consecutive World

New Zealand Reports

Yvonne Fogarty has kindly brought to our attention the following: The Book Collector Alongside her husband Tony Eyre and four grown up children, she was present for the launch of “The Book Collector - Reading and Living with Literature”. Photo: (left to right): Theresa Eyre Vossen, Sarah Eyre, Yvonne Fogarty, Tony Eyre, Danny Eyre, Michael Eyre The Book Collector - Reading and Living with Literature - a bibliomemoir by her husband Tony Eyre in includes Yvonne’s Pong Diplomacy story, for which he came second in the Shanghai Library competition, He was flown over for the award ceremony! Read: The Book Collector, Tony Eyre The whimsy and magic of Dunedin's second-hand bookstores Friendship First, Competition Second mmm James Morris New Year Honours 2024: Northland table tennis veteran James Morris made officer of

Enjoying the Action at the CCB Europe Top 16

Swaythling Club members, (left to right): Reto Bazzi, Michael Theis, Pedro Moura and Ina Jozepsone enjoying a break in proceedings the Europe To 16 tournament staged in Montreux on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st January. Slovenia's Darko Jorgic won the men's singles, the women's singles was won by Yuan Jianan from France. Full Details: CCB Europe Top 16 Cup

Christmas Cancelled but Visitors from Far North Bring Tidings of Comfort and Joy

All smiles in Aqaba as Norwegian family provides welcome source of motivation Resident in Norway, Alain, Kristin and Ilka Doval were most welcome visitors on Wednesday 3rd January to recently opened Aqaba Table Tennis Academy; the premises located in the very south of Jordan. The town, principally a holiday destination, borders Eliat in Israel, a walkable distance; it is somewhat divorced from the current war in Gaza but there is an effect on life. Many residents in Aqaba have friends and relatives in Gaza, they receive horrific images on their mobile phones; there is sense of helplessness, something is happening over which they have no control. The town has come to a standstill. Therefore, as a mark of respect there were no Christmas