Registration for 2023 World Veteran Championships now open

Less than nine months to go before proceedings are declared officially open at the 2023 World Veteran Championships, play commencing in Muscat, Oman on Sunday 15th January, registration is now open. Furthermore, there is no time to waste; for the best value, the closing date is just two months hence. There are two basic stages. nnnnn Registration on or before Saturday 2nd July 2022 Players: US$ 175 per person Accompanying Guests: US$ 65 per person hhhhhhh Registration from Sunday 3rd July to Thursday 15th December 2022 (midnight) Players: US$ 195 per person Accompanying Guests: USS$ 65 per person mmmm Non Accredited Personnel   Any person not accredited must pay an entrance ticket of US$ 15.00 per day. Procedure Registration is on-line: Each participant is required to enter a mobile number to be used exclusively for health