A mutual bond, to all: Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

A time to look forward, a time for friendship and understanding; a time to promote the long standing ideals of the Swaythling Club International.

Also, it is a time to reflect. In particular, we thank Ebby Schöler, our retiring President, for the efforts he made for many years alongside his wife Diane.

The contribution they made the sport of table tennis in whatever capacity elevates them to a special category.

Now, in 2022 we live in a very different world to that of 1967 when the Swaythling Club was formed; social media has brought a new element to modes of communication.

Trying to cope with an ever changing world may prove testing but let’s try to respond to the modern day and remember that we welcome young and not so young alike.

Equally any club is only as prosperous as its members; become involved; we look forward to hearing from you.

Can you contribute to the Swaythling Club, either on the pages of the magazine or on the website?

Do you have any photos we can publish? Any events or memories?

Also, here is a challenge, can each current member attract one more member in 2012?

Above all promote the best traditions.

“Our Club is unique in the history of sport. Friendship and respect is our mutual bond”

They are the opening words of the second verse of the Swaythling Club song.

In 2012 may these sentiments be as strong as ever.