Once again Aarhus bids welcome

Smiling faces in Aarhus (Photo: courtesy of Jens-Erik Linde)

by Ian Marshall, Editor

First held in 1993, the Aarhus Veteran Open was staged recently in Denmark; a total of 91 competitors, play commenced on Friday 9th February and concluded on Sunday 11th February.

It was the 25th edition of the event, the tournament’s foundation being thanks to the endeavours of a group of players who had competed in the Nordic Veteran Championships in Malmö, as well as in the in Gothenburg and Oslo.

Tournaments in Sweden and Norway, Denmark did want to be left out; since inauguration the only occasion when the tournament has not been held was in 2001 when Aarhus hosted the European Veteran Championships.

Later Oslo, Gothenburg and Aarhus formed a “Grand Prix” with a combined point‐system and extra prizes.

Notably over the year, additional to Denmark entries have been received from Turkey, Russia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, England, Sweden and Norway.

Organised on the same principles as the World Veteran Championships, on the first day of play team events were staged, on the second day singles events plus a party in the evening, followed on the concluding day with doubles.

A recent innovation is that a player in more senior age group may enter a younger age category in the search for more competitive matches.

Now for the future another innovation is proposed, a possible European Veteran Mixed Doubles event; food for thought.

Roll of Honour

WS 40: Pia Toelhøj (Denmark)

WS 60: Anita Andersson (Sweden)

WD 40: Pia Toelhøj / Petra Sörling (Denmark / Sweden)

WD 60: Karin Gjengedal / Aud Arnes (Norway)

MS 40: Michael Meyer (Denmark)

MS 50: Karsten Haumann (Denmark)

MS 60: Preben Larsen (Denmark)

MS 65: Erik Hjorth (Denmark)

MS 70: Carsten V. Nielsen (Denmark)

MS 75: Herbert Neubauer (Germany)

MD 40: Carsten S. Nielsen / Brian Ganzhorn (Denmark)

MD 60: Preben Larsen / Jørgen Enevoldsen (Denmark)

MD 70: Erling Nielsen / Finn Lorentzen (Denmark)

Team 40: Lars D Sørensen / Lasse Kessler (Denmark)

Team 60: Preben Larsen / Jørgen Enevoldsen (Denmark)

XD 40: Pia Toelhøj / Brian Ganzhorn (Denmark)

XD 60: Aud Arnes / Erling Nielsen (Norway / Denmark)