World Veteran Championships 2023: Age Categories Confirmed

The World Veteran Championships, although to be staged in January 2023 will adopt the age categories for 2022.

Ever since first staged in 1982 in Gothenburg, the tournament has been staged on a biennial basis.

Unfortunately, owing to the pandemic, the event planned for 2000 in Bordeaux was cancelled but as the next edition is scheduled for 2024, the two year cycle will be maintained.

Therefore, all individuals who are older than 40 years of age or who will be 40 years of age during the year 2022 are eligible to participate.


Age Categories:

•             40-44 years (born between 1982 and 1978)

•             45-49 years (born between 1977 and 1973)

•             50-54 years (born between 1972 and 1968)

•             55-59 years (born between 1967 and 1963)

•             60-64 years (born between 1962 and  1958)

•             65-69 years (born between 1957 and 1953)

•             70-74 years (born between 1952 and 1948)

•             75-79 years (born between 1947 and 1943)

•             80-84 years (born between 1942 and 1938)

•             85-89 years (born between 1937 and 1933)

•             Over 90 years (born in 1932 or before)



Each entrant is allowed to participate in one singles and one doubles event. 

In singles events a player must participate in their own age category.

If players forming a doubles pair do not belong to the same age group, they shall be placed in the category of the younger player.



The first stage of registration closes on Saturday 2nd July, the second stage commenced on Sunday 3rd July and concludes at midnight on Thursday 15th December.


For full details visit: Oman Table Tennis Association (