Enjoyable three days in Bosa

Jacky Versang (left) the Men’s Singles Over 70 Years winner (Photo: courtesy of Fabio Costantino)

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Staged in Bosa from Sunday 29th April to Tuesday 1st May, a total of 80 players competed in the 2018 Sardinian Veteran Open Championships.

In addition to Italy, players from Switzerland, France, Belgium, Germany, England, Scotland, Spain, Romania, Pakistan, Russia, Israel and Sweden participated.

Competition first but also players were able to savour the surrounding area, beaches and local historical area.

Everyone enjoyed the hospitality afforded and most certainly many will return next year.

Notably Italy emerged as the most successful nation on duty; in the Men’s Singles event, Maxim Kuznetsov won the Over 40 Class, Erich Schuster secured the Over 50 title; in the Women’s Singles events, Ana Brzan was crowned Over 40 years champion, Elizabetta Scarpa claimed the Over 60 title.

Meanwhile, for those who had travelled from further afield, Israel’s Stanislav Boikaner won Men’s Singles 50 years whilst England’s Sue Pigram secured the counterpart Over 50 title. Good form from Israel and England; it was the same for France and Germany.

Jacky Versang flew the flag for the former, he won Men’s Singles 70 years, for Germany, Klaus Kruger secured the top prize in Men’s Singles Class 75 years.

“I came to Bosa in a good shape and this allowed me to win; I came to Bosa three years ago. I’m very happy to be back.” Klaus Kruger

“I think I played a good tournament because my defence was effective. It was not easy today, I was a bit tired but I kept concentrating. I like very much Bosa. It’s the third time that I come here and win.” Jacky Versang

“I played safe, winning was not easy, it was a good tournament with many nations represented.” Erich Schuster

“I played well despite I had practised a little. It was a nice event and Bosa is a nice town.” Elisabetta Scarpa

“It was very good today, especially my combination of defence and attack, I came with five friends and we had an excellent time during the tournament and in Bosa.” Stanislav Boikaner

“I played a controlled game pushing with my long pimples on the backhand. I think I played well. I had a good time and good people. It was a good holiday in Bosa.” Sue Pigram

“I’m very happy. My performance was good, especially my topspin backhand.” Maxim Kuznetsov

“I am satisfied; block and topspin forehand worked very well. It was my first time in Bosa. I played over 40 men too and I got a bronze medal. It was great!” Ana Brzan

No doubt Bosa can expect high numbers next year.