Hungarian Swaythling Club meets in Budapest

Robert Szentgyörgyi with a copy of the Swaythling Club News, the photo on the cover is Eva Koczian (Photo: courtesy of Robert Szentgyörgyi)

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Welcomed by Robert Szentgyörgyi, the secretary, members of the Hungarian Swaythling Club met at the House of Sports recently in Budapest on Wednesday 24th May.

Notably, David Paar, the newly elected Secretary-General of the Hungarian Table Tennis Association, attended.

A one minute silence in memory of members Zoltan Bubonyi and Peter Temes, who both passed away recently, was observed; both had represented Hungary at the highest level.

”We are glad the many of our members are going to attend the Veteran European Championship held this year in Helsinbörg, Sweden. We wish them best of luck.” Robert Szentgyörgyi

Most pertinently, celebrated names of the 1960s in the guise of Eva Koczian, Peter Rozas and Laszlo Pigniczki were present; players whose fortunes I followed closely.

”The Hungarian Swaythling Club is grateful to the Hungarian Table Tennis Association for its hospitality. We send all Swaythling Club members our best regards from our lovely city, Budapest.” Robert Szentgyörgyi

Our appreciation to Robert Szentgyörgyi for organising a most convivial gathering.

The meeting in Budapest (sitting left to right): Eva Koczian, Erzsebet Jurik Heirits , Maria Nemet, Peter Rozsas. (standing left to right): Laszlo Volper, Robert Szentgyörgyi, Jozsef Mayer, Laszlo Pigniczki, Tibor Horvath, Jozsef Kelemen (Photo: courtesy of Robert Szentgyörgyi)