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Unbeaten throughout, three titles for Sun Yingsha

Organised from Saturday 8th to Friday 21st August, emulating the proposed 14 day schedule, Lingshui City in Hainan Province was the home for the “Tokyo 2020 Preparation for China Table Tennis – Olympic Simulation Games.”

Notable absentees recovering from injury were Ding Ning and Liu Shiwen; Ma Long played only on the men’s team event.

Mixed Doubles 

Gold: Xu Xin / Sun Yingsha

Silver: Wang Chuqin / Wang Manyu

Bronze: Lin Gaoyuan / Sun Mingyang

Women’s Singles 

Gold: Sun Yingsha

Silver: Wang Manyu

Bronze: Wang Yidi

Men’s Singles 

Gold: Liang Jingkun

Silver: Wang Chuqin

Bronze: Fan Zhendong

Women’s Team 

Gold: Chen Meng, Sun Yingsha, Wang Manyu

Silver: Chen Xingtong, Gu Yuting, Sun Mingyang

Bronze: Liu Fei, Qian Tianyi, Wang Yidi

Men’s Team 

Gold: Fan Zhendong, Ma Long, Xu Xin

Silver: Liang Jingkun, Lin Gaoyuan, Wang Chuqin

Bronze: Xu Chenhao, Zhao Zihao, Zhou Yu