New Zealand Reports

Yvonne Fogarty has kindly brought to our attention the following: The Book Collector Alongside her husband Tony Eyre and four grown up children, she was present for the launch of “The Book Collector - Reading and Living with Literature”. Photo: (left to right): Theresa Eyre Vossen, Sarah Eyre, Yvonne Fogarty, Tony Eyre, Danny Eyre, Michael Eyre The Book Collector - Reading and Living with Literature - a bibliomemoir by her husband Tony Eyre in includes Yvonne’s Pong Diplomacy story, for which he came second in the Shanghai Library competition, He was flown over for the award ceremony! Read: The Book Collector, Tony Eyre The whimsy and magic of Dunedin's second-hand bookstores Friendship First, Competition Second mmm James Morris New Year Honours 2024: Northland table tennis veteran James Morris made officer of

Enjoying the Action at the CCB Europe Top 16

Swaythling Club members, (left to right): Reto Bazzi, Michael Theis, Pedro Moura and Ina Jozepsone enjoying a break in proceedings the Europe To 16 tournament staged in Montreux on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st January. Slovenia's Darko Jorgic won the men's singles, the women's singles was won by Yuan Jianan from France. Full Details: CCB Europe Top 16 Cup