2023 European Veteran Championships – Friday 30th June

Men's Doubles 70 Years: Herbert Neubauer / Jochen Leiss (Germany) versus Richard Sorger / Roger Sundqvist (Austria / Sweden) (Photo: Reto Bazzi) nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn On Friday 30th June, the main draw in the men's doubles and women's doubles events commenced; members of the Swaythling Club were in action. A helping hand from Claude Bergeret for Jochen Leiss (Photo: Reto Bazzi) Men's Doubles 70 Years: Matti Lappalainen / Jouko Manni (Finland) v Leszek Jodanjewski / Jerzy Tokarski (Poland) (Photo: Reto Bazzi) Women's Doubles 60 Years: Claude Bergeret / Corinne Come (France) versus Maria Gaftea / Isik Ertufan (Romania / Turkey) (Photo: Reto Bazzi) Men's Doubles 85 Years: Hans Westling / Keith Powell (Sweden / England) v Wolf-Dieter Nistel / Adam Schmalz (Germany) (Photo: Reto Bazzi) Women’s Doubles 50 Years: