Irena Bosa-Mikocziova (1945-2022)

Irena Bosa-Mikocziova passed away on Sunday 18th September, she was 77 years old. Born on Friday 19th January 1945 in Vinohrady nad Vahom, Galanta District, located in south-west Slovakia, she was 77 years old. Irena started to play table tennis when 10 years old at Dynamo Spoj Bratislava; in 1961 when 16 years of age she moved to Lokomotiva Raca, later known as Lokomotiva Bratislava. She played in the top national league, becoming an established member of the Czechoslovakian national team. At the 1961 European Youth Championships in Bad Blankenburg, at the time only junior events staged, partnering Marta Luzova she won girls’ team bronze, before partnering Vilim Polakovic to mixed doubles gold. One year later in Bled, once again alongside Marta Luzova,