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The successful Guangdong men’s team (Photo: World Table Tennis)

Guangdong and Hebei emerged the winners of the respective men’s and women’s team events on Sunday 4th October at the 2020 Chinese National Championships, held at the Weihai Nanhai Olympic Centre in Shandong Province.

Represented by Sun Yingsha, He Zhuojia and Zang Xiaotong, in the women’s final Hebei recorded a three-nil success in opposition to the Shandong outfit comprising Gu Yuting, Chen Meng and Wang Xiaotong.

The success came prior to Guangdong, who fielded Zhou Qihao, Lin Gaoyuan and Zhang Chao, recovering from a two-nil deficit to claim the men’s team title at the expense of the Beijing trio formed by Ma Long, Wang Chuqin and Liu Yebo.

Hebei, the women’s team champions (Photo: World Table Tennis)

Notably there was defeat for Ma Long, the reigning Olympic and World champion as well as for Chen Meng, the player who heads the Women’s World Rankings. In the fourth match of the men’s final, Ma Long was beaten by Lin Gaoyuan; in the second contest in the women’s event, Chen Meng suffered against He Zhuojia.

The individual events now follow.

Men’s Team – Final

Guangdong 3-2 Beijing

Zhou Qihao v Ma Long 1-3

Lin Gaoyuan v Wang Chuqin 1-3

Zhang Chao v Liu Yebo 3-1

Lin Gaoyuan v Ma Long 3-2

Zhou Qihao v Wang Chuqin 3-1

Women’s Team – Final

Hebei 3-0 Shandong

Sun Yingsha v Gu Yuting 3-1

He Zhuojia v Chen Meng 3-1

Zang Xiaotong v Wang Xiaotong 3-0