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Club members at the blood transfusion centre (Photo: courtesy of Kastriot Orana)

A call from the Kosovo National Centre for Blood Transfusion to help those affected by COVID-19; on Thursday 24th September, players from the Priping Table Tennis Club in Prishtina, the country’s capital city, responded.

Mrs. Bukurije Zhubi, the Director, thanked all concerned and advised the benefits of blood donation.

“We thank you for this much needed initiative in this time of pandemic, we are very grateful for the contribution of every citizen who donates blood. Apart from saving lives by donating blood, your body also benefits by donating blood.” Bukurije Zhubi

Mr. Nehat Çitaku, the man at the helm of proceedings at the Priping club will now become a regular donor.

“We as a club are donating blood for people infected with the COVID-19 virus. We will make this activity annual in our club, to enable the saving of lives and at the same time to strengthen our body.” Nehat Çitaku

Priping table tennis club invites you to donate blood and save lives!