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Countries which have players and team captains, who have represented their country at World Championships, should appoint a person to be the national representative of The Swaythling Club International.

Membership of the Club is by invitation of the Executive Committee on the proposal of the national representative, or after consultation with the national representative.

The national representative should immediately extend an invitation to players who have won World Championship title events and to other players who become eligible for membership following the conclusion of the second or third World Championships as being applicable.

The names, full postal address, telephone number, fax number and email address of each applicant should be advised to the Secretary, The Swaythling CIub International, together with a copy to the Treasurer.

The national representative should collect an annual subscriptions from all members of the Swaythling Club in the area and account to the Treasurer for each subscription received, by sending a list of members, the amount paid, date of payment a date and particulars of the remittance.

Members who have not paid should also be listed to complete the full list of members; all subscriptions should be paid to the Treasurer not later than the 30th June in each year.

At the time of payment of the annual subscription, a cheque should be made of the current address, telephone number, fax number and email address of each member. Any change should be advised forthwith to the Swaythling Club International Secretary.

Communication is important between the national representative and the cIub members and between the national representative and the Secretary of the Swaythling Club International.

An official Swaythling magazine is issued twice a year, April and October. It is sent each member of the Club.

It is important that news about the achievements of local Swaythling Clubs and its members are provided for the magazine. The national representative is the link for this information to be sent to the Swaythling Club Office.



The National representatives should send any change of address, telephone, fax or Email directly to:

Claude Bergeret (President) email:

Gloria Wagener (Membership Secretary) email:

The National Representative should arrange regularly for the Club members to meet to discuss ways and means of helping each other through friendship, mutual respect and support for the older players. Younger players should be encouraged emphasizing the importance of sportsmanship.

Recommendations for National Representatives

  • Providing numbers permit, establish a committee of four members – Deputy Representative, Chair, Secretary and Treasurer
  • The assembly to meet at least every two years
  • Meet once a year for example on the occasion of a national or international championships
  • Support the sporting values of table tennis
  • Promote table tennis amongst the youth
  • Provide elderly players with necessary support
  • The National Representative is obliged to send all request applications to the Executive Committee for their consideration
  • Each country is recommended to present the Swaythling Club International “Fair Play” award (a silver racket) at their national championships, to be supplied at cost price.