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Podium for the men’s doubles 40 years event (Photo: Organising Committee)

Winners at the ITTF World Veteran Tour – Road to Oman tournament staged in the Slovenian town of Otocec on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th September enjoyed an added bonus; each received a free entry to the 2023 World Veteran Championships to be staged in January in Oman.


Men’s Singles 40 Years

Group: 1. Michal Skuril (SVK) 2. Ferxey Ayala (COL) 3. Uros Cerar (SLO) 4. Richard Tekula (AUT)


Women’s Singles 40 Years

Group: 1. Marta Toth (HUN) 2. Liliia Andrieieva (UKR) 3. Darinka Mali (SLO) 4. Jasna Pupis (SLO)


Men’s Doubles 40 Years

SF: Christophe Le Corvec/Braun Reinhold (FRA/GER) v Ferxey Ayala/Richard Tekula (COL/AUT) 9,6,2

SF: Andrej Godec/Darko Jamsek (SLO) v Jan Dudasik/Mchal Skuril (SVK) 5,11,10

F: Andrej Godec/Darko Jamsek (SLO) v Christophe Le Corvec/Braun Reinhold (FRA/GER) 5,11,10


Men’s Singles 50 Years

SF: Andrej Godec (SLO) v Bojan Maselj (SLO) 8,7,-16,10

SF: Darko Jamsek (SLO) v Christophe Le Corvec (FRA) 4,7,10

F: Darko Jamsek (SLO) v Andrej Godec (SLO) 10,6,6


Men’s Singles 60 Years

Group: Braun Reinhold (GER) 2. Robert Mali (SLO) 3. Remzi Shala (KOS) 4. Hulaj Sadri (KOS)


Men’s Doubles 60 Years

SF: Bernhard Burgin/Ray Hurst (GER/ENG) v Hulaj Sadri/Remzi Shala (KOS) 2,6,5

SF: Istvan Szalai/Roy Norton (HUN/ENG) v Leif Kruula/Mirko Semrov (SWE/SLO) -8,6,8,9

F: Bernhard Burgin/Ray Hurst (GER/ENG) v Istvan Szalai/Roy Norton (HUN/ENG) 9,6,6


Men’s Singles 65 Years

Group: 1. Bernhard Burgin (GER) 2. Jan Dudasik (SVK) 3. Ray Hurst (ENG) 4. Alfred Vodusek (SLO)


Men’s Singles 70 Years

Group: Istvan Szalai (HUN) 2. Mirko Semrov (SLO) 3. Ciril Kozjek (SLO) 4. Roy Norton (ENG)


Men’s Singles Open

SF: Darko Jamsek (SLO) v Christophe Le Corvec (FRA) 4,7,10

SF: Andrej Godec (SLO) v Ray Hurst (ENG) 8,7,-6,5

F: Darko Jamsek (SLO) v Andrej Godec (SLO) 10,6,6