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The SCI will endeavour to obtain invitations through the courtesy of the organisers of world, continental and international events, for a number of selected SCI guests to be provided with free admission, accommodation, meals, hospitality and invitations to social functions, during the period of the championships.

All travel expenses to and from the championship venue, shall be the responsibility of the invited guest.

SCI members shall be advised through the Swaythling magazine and website of the numbers invited by the organisers.

Members shall be requested to inform their national representative of their intention to apply for a place as one of the invited guests and to send their application direct to the SCI Secretary.

The nomination of invited guests shall be made by the Executive Committee. The selected guest list shall be published in the Swaythling magazine and website.

The nomination shall be made in priority order of:

a) Former World Champions and Olympic Champions

b) Former international players and personalities who apply

Players and personalities who have been members of the SCI for at least five years shall be given highest level of consideration.