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Hana Arapovic, the under 19 girls’ winner (Photo: ETTU)


The French city of Tours was the home for the Europe Youth Top 10 tournament; play commenced on Friday 30th September and concluded on Sunday 2nd October.

Ten players in each event matters were conducted on an all-play-all format.

Leading Places:

Under 19 Boys’ Singles: 1. Iulian Chirita (ROU) 2. Andrea Puppo (ITA) 3. Hugo Deschamps (FRA) 4. Andrei Istrate (ROU)

Under 19 Girls’ Singles: 1. Hana Arapovic (CRO) 2. Elena Zaharia (ROU) 3. Ioana Singeorzan (ROU) 4. Anna Brzyska (POL)

Under 15 Boys’ Singles: 1. Flavien Coton (FRA) 2. Nathan Lam (FRA) 3. Balasz Lei (HUN) 4. William Bergenblock (SWE)

Under 15 Girls’ Singles: 1. Bianca Mei Rosu 2. Leana Hochart (FRA) 3. Alesia Sterfea (ROU) 4. Josephina Neumann (GER)