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Japan’s Yuan Ito emerged the under 11 girls’ singles winner (Photo: Mike Loveder)


The French town of Schiltigheim was the home for the Euro Mini Champs staged from Friday 26th to Sunday 28th August.


Under 9 Boys’ Singles

SF: Soma Ono (JPN) v Axel Bossis (FRA) 9,7,-8,-14,8

SF: Pavol Kokavec (SVK) v Nicholas Fama (ITA) 7,4,-6,9

3rd: Axel Bossis (FRA) v Nicholas Fama (ITA) -5,10,6,9

F: Soma Ono (JPN) v Pavol Kokavec (SVK) 4,4,9


Under 9 Girls’ Singles

SF: Sakura Kagawa (JPN) v Alexia Nodin (FRA) 5,6,4

SF: Yuan Ito (JPN) v Laura Milos (GER) 8,6,6

3rd: Alexia Nodin (FRA) v Laura Milos (GER) 1,5,5

F: Yuan Ito (JPN) v Sakura Kagawa (JPN) 4,-12,8,11


Under 11 Boys’ Singles

SF: Lukas Wang (GER) v Ondrej Moravek (CZE) 4,5,9

SF: Noah Tessier (GER) v Tien Nghia Phong (GER) 12,10,-8,4

3rd: Tien Nghia Phong (GER) v Ondrej Moravek (CZE) -9,5,-9,6,9

F: Lukas Wang (GER) v Noah Tessier (GER) 4,5,6


Under 11 Girls’ Singles

SF: Siri Benjegard (SWE) v Miriam Mejer (AUT) 7,6,7

SF: Eva Lam (FRA) v Orinta Ramonaite (LTU) 7,-5,4,9

3rd: Orinta Ramonaite (LTU) v Miriam Mejer (AUT) w/o

F: Siri Benjegard (SWE) v Eva Lam (FRA) 11,7,6