Borivoje Popovic, ITTF personal honorary member

Borivoje Popovic, sadly missed (Photo: courtesy of Popovic family)

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

It is with great sadness that the death of Borivoje Popovic is announced; he was 90 years old.

Elected honorary member of the International Table Tennis Federation in 1975, the accolade was a well-deserved recognition of his contribution to our sport.

He lived in Serbia, a country with strong traditions in the sport of table tennis; over the years many fine players have come from that part of the world, the tradition continues today.

However, on the other side of the coin, it is an area of the world that has witnessed immense political change; the political change is the lifetime of Borivoje Popovic.

Now there is stability in the region, teenagers grow up being able to enjoy sport, free to move; they can ply their skills in whatever discipline they choose.

In the teenage years of Borivoje Popovic, it was a time of war, the Axis powers invaded the country that was then known as Yugoslavia in 1941; later in 1980 following the death of Josip Broz, better known in history as Marshal Tito, the country began to break up into the separate states we know today.

Again there was a period of conflict.

The life of Borivoje Popovic, a most valued member of Table Tennis Federations located in Eastern Europe, as well as both the European Table Tennis Union and the International Table Tennis Federation is a history lesson.

A great servant of our sport, an example to all; always remembered, our deepest sympathies to his friends and family. He is sadly missed.