Vladimir Miko, mainstay of Czechoslovakian success

Vladimir Miko (1943 -2018), one of Europe's best (Photo: ITTF) by Ian Marshall, Editor It is with great sadness that the recent death of Vladimir Miko is announced; he was 74 years old. Born on Monday 22nd March 1943 in Krupina in the country now known as Slovakia; Vladimir Miko was a vital member of the Czechoslovakian team throughout the 1960s. He started playing table tennis in 1951 at STO Tatran Krupina, before in 1957 moving to Sparta Prague, where he was coached by established internationals Ladislav Stipek and Ludvik Vyhnanovsky. In 1959 he joined the national team, competing in seven World Championships, an event in those days held on a biennial basis. Notably in 1967 in Stockholm he reached the quarter-finalsof the men’s singles

Year starts, London the destination

Nigel Eckersley, winner of the men's singles over 50 years title (Photo: Mike Rhodes) by Ian Marshall, Editor Established in 1984 for players over 40 years of age, the Veterans English Table Tennis Society, known universally by the acronym VETTS, now boasts some 1,000 members; each year six regional tournaments are staged in addition to a National Championships. The most recent was the VETTS Southern Masters held on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th January at the Redbridge Leisure Centre in London. A total of 222 players competed in five age groups ranging from over 40 years to over 80 years; the events being Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles, Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles. Notably 1,153 matches on 32 tables were played over the two