Honours shared in Santo Domingo

Colombia’s Ricardo Rodriguez celebrates, he partnered Roberto Velandia to success in men’s team 40 to 44 years (Photo: courtesy of Freddy Almendariz)

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Brazil secured gold in men’s team 35 to 39 years thanks to the efforts of Nomando Allencar and Neder Neves; they recorded a three matches to one verdict against the Peruvian trio of Alfonso Manosalva, Renzo Luz and Piero Hurtado to secure the title.

Also, they enjoyed success in women’s team 55 to 64 years with Sandra Lopes and Natalia Lucena finished in first place in a group organised event ahead of Argentina’s Maria Gonzalez and Evelina Weber.

Gold for Brazil, Natalia Lucena partnered Sandra Lopes to women’s team 55 to 64 years success (Photo: courtesy of Freddy Almendariz)

Two wins for Brazil, it was the same for Chile. Marco Gomez and Francisco Mendoza on duty for Chile ‘A’ won men’s team 50 to 54 years overcoming the Dominican Republic outfit of Frank Arias, Leicester Florimon and Carlos Sosa, in the final, by three matches to one.

Gold for Chile ‘A’, in men’s team 60 to 64 years it was both gold and silver but arguably not in the order anticipated. Chile ‘B’, with Jorge Silva, Santiago Rebolledo and Valentin Ramos on duty secured the top prize at the expense of Chile ‘A’ Team colleagues Edgardo Astorga, Guillermo Leon and Danor Quinteros. A three-one outcome was the overall result.

The top prize for Chile but in men’s team 40 to 44 years the end result was second place. Cristian Flores and Alejandro Moncada experienced a three-one defeat in the final when confronting the Colombian partnership of Ricardo Rodriguez and Roberto Velandia.

Santiago Rebolledo alongside Chilean colleagues Jorge Silva and Valentin Ramos claimed the top prize in men’s team 60 to 64 years (Photo: courtesy of Freddy Almendariz)

Success for Ricardo Rodriguez and Roberto Velandia it was the same for their female compatriots, Diana Casas and Claudia Garcia in women’s team 45 to 54 years. In a group organised event they finished ahead of the Dominican Republic team comprising Blanca Alejo, Carmen Aybar and Olga Vila.

Impressive performances from Brazil, Chile and Colombia; it was similar from Peru.

Representing Peru ‘A’, the paring of Milagritos Gorrti and Magali Montes won Women’s Team 35 to 44 years; they finished ahead of Venezuela’s Laila Galves, Ohanny Chourio and Margarita Forero in an all-play-all competition, whilst in men’s team 45 to 49 years it was success for Sergio Aguilar and Erick Mabrich.

At the final hurdle, they recorded a three-two success against Ecuador’s Estaban Sevilla and Douglas Romero.

Wilson Gonzalez joined forces with Luis Burgos and Maximo Vasquez to secure the top prize for the Dominican Republic in men’s team 55 to 59 years (Photo: courtesy of Freddy Almendariz)

Meanwhile, for Argentina success came in men’s team 65 to 74 years; for the Dominican Republic in men’s team 55 to 59 years.

Represented by Luis Burgos, Wilson Gonzalez and Maximo Vasquez, the Dominican Republic secured the top prize by recording a three-two win against Chile’s Rene Aguirre and Juan Lizana in the final. Similarly in a hard fought group arranged event, Argentina ‘A’ with Eduardo Casanova, Alberto Lipinski and Ruben Palacio in action finished ahead of the Argentina ‘B’ partnership of Hector Boiko and Alfredo Meyer.

The team events over, the individual events now commence; play finishes on Sunday 27th November.

A total of 223 players, 183 men and 40 women are competing in Santo Domingo; they represent the national associations of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Peru and Venezuela.

Eduardo Casanova won gold in men’s team 65 to 74 years in partnership with Argentine colleagues Alberto Lipinski, and Ruben Palacio (Photo: courtesy of Freddy Almendariz)