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The history of the Swaythling Club International would not be complete, unless special mention is made of Victor Barna, the Founder President and now President in Memoriam..…more

Barna was one of the immortal players of table tennis. A quick reference to the record books will establish his credence as a champion. When he ccepted the leadership of a Club, which had as its main objective, “to help others”, his human ideals, which came forth so prominently, gave another slant to his personality. His enthusiasm was infectious; he motivated others; he wanted to do so much; he was delighted and amazed at the tremendous enthusiasm he encountered for the well-being of the Club. Barna was convinced that the aims of the Club could be achieved by high idealism and by the principle of not only taking but giving whenever possible.

On one of his business trips, for the Dunlop Company, Victor was taken ill in Lima, Peru, on Sunday 27th February 1972, at the age of 60, he died. Tributes came from all parts of the world.


The following extracts refer to his involvement with The Swaythling Club International:

“The other Barna miracle as lies in the creation of the Swaythling Club. He has always been the inspiration of this fantastic organisation organisation. He, himself, would have been delighted at every meeting which has taken place, and, although its name is “The Swaythling Club·….the spirit behind it all is Barna.” H. Roy Evans, OBE, ITTF President

“Untiring was his care for forgotten champions and his promotion of
fairness and friendship”. Dr. Zarko Dolinar

“This meeting did more than pay tribute to its late President; it ensured that his drive and inspiration will live on in the hearts and minds of all members, to pledge their continued support along the path he has plotted for the Club”. Johnny Leach, after a memorial meeting in Brighton, England