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The Rimini Fair (Photo: TTFI)


No less than 3,000 thousands players, arriving from 42 countries, will be the protagonists of the Stag European Veteran Championships, taking place at Rimini Fair.

The competitions will begin on Monday and will finish on Saturday 2nd July;  a total of about 13.000 matches, using 3,000 balls, which will be directed by 100 umpires. There will be 100 volunteers.

Today the accreditations have started. The first players who registered were Anne and Philippe Guiheux, from France.

“We wanted to participate at all costs in this big event, we live in Paris and we are sure this is going to be a nice occasion to play table tennis and to have fun. Philippe is at his third participation”, they expained.

Roberta Negriolli is an Italian player living in Belgium. She is really prepared and determined to do well: “I trained a lot and I have very high expectations even though I know that my opponents are going to be really competitive”.

Alex Schorradt, from Germany, so far took part in fourteen editions of the European Veterans Championships. He knows a lot of players and has clear ideas about his objectives: “I absolutely want to reach the round of 32”.

Gunilla Widström, from Sweden, is “very happy to be here and to play. This is my sixth time at the European Championships. I expect to find old friends and meet new ones. Table tennis is a family passion and my daughter, who lives in Italy, plays in the German Bundesliga”.

The registration will continue tomorrow, the day of the opening ceremony, scheduled at 6.00 pm CEST in the Main Hall.

Early arrivals, Roberta Negriolli, Alex Schorradt and Gunilla Widström (Photo: TTFI)