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At the opening ceremony players with great longevity were recognised (Photo: King Kom)


The Stag European Veteran Championships officially began with the Opening Ceremony on Sunday 26th October in the Main Hall of the Rimini Fair.


Welcome to Rimini

Director of the event Giuseppe Marino welcomed the players and all the participants in the event.

“The Italian Table Tennis Federation and all of us of the Organising Committee are particularly excited, after a year of intense work, to welcome you to our beautiful Italy, to the biggest table tennis tournament of 2022. We have done everything possible to try to make your participation in the Stag European Veteran Championships unforgettable, hoping it will find a place of honour in your best book of memories. Remember the championship slogan: enjoy your play, enjoy your stay.”

Giuseppe Marino bids welcome (Photo: King Kom)


Petra Sörling, President of the International Table Tennis Federation responded.

“Friends of table tennis, how are you? We are a big family, I am really happy to see you so many here in Rimini, despite the current difficulties in which we are living, to experience all together the emotions that only our sport can offer. I thank the Organiszing Committee, the referees, the volunteers and all those who made all this possible, in a wonderful city like Rimini, which will certainly make this event even more special.”

Petra Sörling responds (Photo: King Kom)

A parade of flags of the 42 participating countries was held to the sound of the Inno alla Gioia, Pedro Moura, Acting President of the European Table Tennis Union addressed all present.

“Dear friends, it is a pleasure for me to see you at this opening ceremony of the European Veteran Championships. This event and these fantastic athletes are the best example of table tennis in Europe. You are all proof of how we can continue to love our sport at all ages. After three years of great difficulties, the three thousand players who are present here in Rimini is an incredible number. I wish the Championships the success they deserve and I declare them officially open.”

Pedro Moura declared the Championships officially open (Photo: King Kom)


The two longest-lived European athletes and the two Italians were then awarded. The plaques were received by 94-year-old Belgian Jozef Jansens from ETTU acting president Pedro Moura, 94-year-old Czech Eliska Krejcova from ITTF president Petra Sörling, 89-year-old Italo Bolther from ITTF Foundation member Stefano Bosi and 73-year-old Rita Pogosova from Zdenko Kriz, President of the ETTU Veteran Commission.

Parade of flags at the Opening Ceremony (Photo: King Kom)


The Italian National Anthem was performed by the “Appassionante”, recognised as the first female opera-pop musical group in the world, with a long career at an international level. Giorgia, Mara and Stefania, who form the trio, were back on the stage, alternating their vocal virtuosity with dance shows with music from Romagna and performances by the Rhythmic section of the Italian Gymnastics Federation. All in the name of Italy.

Today is the time to compete and everyone will play to win, but also to have fun.

Pedro Moura, Ina Jozepsone, Giuseppe Marino and Stefano Bosi at the Opening Ceremony (Photo: King Kom)


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