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Nisse Sandberg with Elias Ranefur and Elias Sjögren (Photo: courtesy of Nisse Sandberg)

Elias Ranefur won the men’s singles title at the Swedish Tour Halmstad Open; notably in the final accounting for Mattias Falck, silver medallist at the Liebherr 2019 World Championships in Budapest.

The reward dinner with Nisse Sandberg, the man who has guided Elias Ranefur from the very beginning.

Meanwhile, Stina Källberg repeated her success of two weeks earlier in Köping; once again she won both the women’s singles and under 20 women’s singles titles

Men’s Singles

Winner: Elias Ranefur

Runner Up: Mattias Falck

Semi-Finalists: Mehdi Bouloussa, Fabian Akerstrom

Women’s Singles

Winner: Stina Källberg

Runner Up: Mie Skov

Semi-Finalists: Lind Bergström, Audrey Zarif

Under 20 Men’s Singles

Winner: Martin Friis

Runner Up: Alex Naumi

Semi-Finalists: Charlie Widing, Borgar Haug

Under 20 Women’s Singles

Winner: Stina Källberg

Runner Up: Momin Baasin

Semi-Finalists: Matilda Hansson, Martine Toftaker