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Jorge Campos, a clean sweep (Photo: Calixto N. Llanes/Periódico JIT)


Staged in the Cuban capital city of Havana from Thursday 3rd to Tuesday 8th March, Jorge Campos was the name to note at the 2022 Caribbean Senior Championships, he completed a clean sweep of titles as just one event escaped Cuba; the Dominican Republic’s Idalys Lovat won the women’s singles event.


Men’s Team
SF: Puerto Rico (Oscar Birriel, Daniel Gonzalez, Richard Pietri) 3-1 Guyana (Shemar Britton, Christopher Franklin, Jonathan Van Lange)
SF: Cuba (Jorge Campos, Eday Gomez, Livan Martinez) 3-1 Dominican Republic (Samuel Galvez, Abit Tejada, Isaac Vila)
F: Cuba (Jorge Campos, Livan Martinez, Adrian Perez) 3-0 Puerto Rico (Oscar Birriel, Angel Naranjo, Oscar Birriel)


Women’s Team
SF: Cuba (Daniela Fonseca, Idalys Lovat, Karla Perez) 3-1 Guyana (Natalie Cummings, Chelsea Edghill, Priscilla Greaves)
SF: Dominican Republic (Eva Brito, Esmerlyn Castro, Yasiris Ortiz) 3-2 Puerto Rico (Brianna Burgos, Fabiola Diaz, Daniely Rios)
F: Cuba (Daniela Fonseca, Idalys Lovat, Karla Perez) 3-1 Dominican Republic (Eva Brito, Esmerlyn Castro, Yasiris Ortiz)


Men’s Singles
SF: Daniel Gonzalez (PUR) v Adrian Perez (CUB) 8,9,-9,4,11
SF: Jorge Campos (CUB) v Angel Naranjo (PUR) 3,-4,4,9,12
F: Jorge Campos (CUB) v Daniel Gonzalez (PUR) 7,4,1,8


Women’s Singles
SF: Daniela Fonseca (CUB) v Daniely Rios (PUR) -8,11,11,-9,8,4
SF: Idalys Lovat (DOM) v Eva Brito (DOM) -9,-5,-7,6,6,4,7
F: Idalys Lovat (DOM) v Daniela Fonseca (CUB) 5,7,-10,8,-4,11


Men’s Doubles
SF: Jorge Campos/Livan Martinez (CUB) v Daniel Gonzalez/Angel Naranjo (PUR) w/o
SF: Oscar Birriel/Richard Pietri (PUR) v Samuel Galvez/Isaac Vila (DOM) 9,8,-8,-10,8
F: Jorge Campos/Livan Martinez (CUB) v Oscar Birriel/Richard Pietri (PUR) 7,5,-11,-11,8


Women’s Doubles
SF: Fabiola Diaz/Daniely Rios (PUR) v Eva Brito/Yasiris Ortiz 6,-10,6,6
SF: Daniela Fonseca/Karla Perez (CUB) v Brianna Burgos/Kristal Melendez (PUR) 9,6,9
F: Daniela Fonseca/Karla Perez (CUB) v Fabiola Diaz/Daniely Rios (PUR) -6,2,6,6


Mixed Doubles
SF: Jorge Campos/Daniela Fonseca (CUB) v Livan Martinez/Idalys Lovat (CUB) 10,-11,7,5
SF: Isaac Vila/Esmerlyn Castro (DOM) v René Mendez/Lizdainet Rodriguez (CUB) -4,5-6,9,6
F: Jorge Campos/Daniela Fonseca (CUB) v Isaac Vila/Esmerlyn Castro (DOM) 5,10,7