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Minhyung Jee winner of the women’s singles title at the Oceania Cup (Photo: World Table Tennis)


Organised on Saturday and Sunday 18th December, Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea was the home for the 2022 Oceania and Pacific Cup tournaments; the Pacific Cup is restricted to the island nations; Australia and New Zealand do not compete.


2022 ITTF Oceania Cup

Men’s Singles

SF: Nicholas Lum (AUS) v Alfred de la Pena (NZL) -4,8,8,3,5

SF: Xin Yan (AUS) v Jeremy Dey (NCL) 4,4,5,6

3rd Place: Alfred de la Pena (NZL) v 9,8,4,9

F: Nicholas Lum (AUS) v Xin Yan (AUS) 9,-6,8,7,9


Women’s Singles

SF: Liu Yangzi (AUS) v Carolyn Li (FIJ) 2,3,0,0

SF: Minhyung Jee (AUS) v Grace Rosi Yee (FIJ) 6,0,1,8

3rd Place: Grace Rosi Yee (FIJ) v Carolyn Li (FIJ) 8,6,10,9

F: Minhyung Jee (AUS) v Liu Yangzi (AUS) 9,-12,7,-9,3,-7,9


2022 Pacific Cup

Men’s Singles

SF: Geoffrey Loi (PNG) v Zhang Bei Yan (FIJ) 7,1,7,5

SF: Jeremy Dey (NCL) v Vicky Wu (FIJ) 3,-7,9,2,8

F: Geoffrey Loi (PNG) v Jeremy Dey (NCL) 3,10,12,-7,5


Women’s Singles

SF: Julie Wanegui (NCL) v Carolyn Li (FIJ) 7,-8,6,8,8

SF: Grace Rosi Yee (FIJ) v Anaïs Paul (NCL) 4,7,5,3

3rd Place: Grace Rosi Yee (FIJ) v Carolyn Li (FIJ) 8,6,10,9

F: Grace Rosi Yee (FIJ) v Julie Wanegui (NCL) 9,10,7,-9,-6,4