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Darko Jorgic en route to gold in Montreux (Photo: Rémy Gros)


Staged in the Swiss city of Montreux on the weekend of Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th February, Slovenia’s Darko Jorgic and Germany’s Han Ying won the respective men’s singles and women’s singles titles at the Europe Top 16 tournament.

It is the first time either had emerged victorious in what was a landmark event; first held in 1971 in Zadar it was the 50th time the tournament had been staged.

Darko Jorgic becomes the 25 man to have clinched gold, Han Ying is the 30th women.


Men’s Singles

QF: Timo Boll (GER) v Wang Yang (SVK) 6,8,-9,6,10

QF: Truls Moregard (SWE) v Kristian Karlsson (SWE) 11,-8,4,9,-9,-8,8

QF: Darko Jorgic (SLO) v Daniel Habesohn (AUT) 8,9,6,-6,-7,11

QF: Patrick Franziska (GER) v Panagiotis Gionis (GRE) 6,-11,7,7,9

SF: Truls Moregard (SWE) v Timo Boll (GER) 7,8,12,-7,6

SF: Darko Jorgic (SLO) v Patrick Franziska (GER) 11,9,-11,6,9

F: Darko Jorgic (SLO) v Truls Moregard (SWE) -8,-5,9,-10,1,10,10


Women’s Singles

QF: Sofia Polcanova (AUT) v Ni Xia Lian (LUX) 11,2,12,-10,-1,-5,7

QF: Polina Mikhailova (RUS) v Nina Mittelham (GER) 7,9,-4,8,7,8

QF: Bernadette Szocs (ROU) v Britt Eerland (NED) -9,-6,8,8,8,10

QF: Han Ying (GER) v Elizabeta Samara (ROU) -9,9,-10,10,-9,4,8

SF: Polina Mikhailova (RUS) v Sofia Polcanova (AUT) -9,9,-11,7,7,4

SF: Han Ying (GER) v Bernadette Szocs (ROU) 5,5,2,6

F: Han Ying (GER) v Polina Mikhailova (RUS) 8,12,11,7


Han Ying, the women’s singles winner (Photo: Rémy Gros)