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Swaythling Club tie and other items: specially designed ties often feature as an issue for commemoration of Olympic Games, international sports festivals and for identification with a particular club, association or profession.

The Swaythling Club International is no exception and wants its members to be instantly recognised through the wearing of a club tie, scarf, lapel badge blazer.

A new design of a tie was agreed in October 1973 and became available in January 1974 at a cost of CHF 10.00. The colour of the tie was dark navy blue polyester material. The pattern of the cloth material was broken by diagonal stripes of the Club colours, white, gold, blue and white.

Below the stripes, the white initials “SCI” were centred in a circle of eight gold bats.

The Swaythling Club International motif was also featured on a lapel badge, the design and production of which was arranged by Johnny Leach. The lapel badge was distributed in 1974.

The Indian Swaythling Club designed and printed head scarves bearing the insignia of the Swaythling Club International.

The navy blue pocket with the embroidered monogram was attainable by members who did not wish to purchase the blazer. The pocket could be attached tunics, coats or other outer garments. Unfortunately these items are no longer available.

The current price of ties and scarves is CHF 10.00 each.

Silver bats, used for the Fair Play Award, sell at CHF 125 plus postage and package.