Athletes of the Nation, Istvan Jonyer newest member

A richly deserved award for Istvan Jonyer (Photo: Micheller Szilvia) Awarded to Hungarian athletes over 60 years of age, who continue to play decisive roles in sport, Istvan Jonyer, winner of the men’s singles title at the 1975 World Championships in Calcutta, was inducted into the Athletes of the Nation order on Friday 21st May. Overall, 12 athletes comprise the group, a vacancy arising following the passing of Sarolta Monspart earlier this year on Wednesday 21st April; in 1972 she became the first non-Scandinavian female runner to win the World Orienteering Championships. Existing members of the group made the decision, eight being physically present, the remaining three keeping on contact by phone. A margin of 50 per cent of the vote required to gain