Toni Borg remembered, a role model for future generations.

Toni Borg, in 2012, as ever competitive (Photo: Christian Heyerdahl) A stalwart member of the Swedish men’s team, in his prime some six decades ago, following a period of two weeks in hospital, suffering from Covid-19, Toni Borg passed away on Saturday 27th March. He died just two weeks short of what would have been his 84th birthday; he was born on Saturday 10th April 1937. A debut when only 17 years old, he played 29 international matches for Sweden, participating in the World Championships in 1957 in Stockholm and two years later in Dortmund. Additionally, he competed in the 1960 European Championships in Zagreb, the second edition of tournament. Lining up alongside Hans Alser, Tony Larsson, Bjorne Mellström and Stellan Bengtsson, silver was