Dr. Peter von Pierer excelled in both disciplines

Dr. Peter von Pierer, sadly missed (Photo; courtesy of Deutscher Tischtennis-Bund) by Deutscher Tischtennis-Bund (translated by Ebby Schöler) Dedicated to promoting table tennis and tennis, highly respected in both sports, a resident of Marloffstein, Dr. Peter von Pierer passed away on Sunday 10th February; he was 88 years old. A sportsman and volunteer, he influenced the direction of each sport; now the DTTB (Deutscher Tischtennis-Bund) and the DTB (Deutscher Tennis-Bund) say “good-bye“ to a long term friend and official Born in Vienna 0n Monday 17th March 1930, Peter settled down in Bavaria; he engaged himself as member of the DTTB Presidency and at the same time as team captain of the DTB. Between 1975 and 1981 he was a sport official and later, until