Dragutin Surbek, the Lion of Zagreb

How we remember Dragutin Surbek; immense powers of concentration (Photo: courtesy of the late Zdenko Uzorinac) by Ian Marshall, Editor It is with great sadness that the death of Croatia’s Dragutin Surbek is announced; he passed away on Sunday 15th July. Born in Zagreb on Thursday 8th August, he was 71 years old. Immense powers of concentration, sitting in a darkened room before a match started, Dragutin Surbek, his playing style, the high level of fitness made him not only a national hero but a hero wherever he played; the Chinese named him the Zagreb Tiger. Alway he gave his utmost; he never believed that any point was ever lost. Renowned throughout the sporting world, Dragutin Surbek endured a somewhat difficult childhood, his father was